Marcus Is Gonna Be Mad!: Gabrielle Union To Star In BAD BOYS TV Series

Shit just got...well, you know.

Gabrielle Union is going to need a whole cellar full of wine now. 

The actress will be the star of a new Bad Boys TV series. The show will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and will focus on Union’s Special Agent Sydney Burnett, who is the sister of Detective Lieutenant Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) in the film franchise.

In Bad Boys II (a/k/a the "Greatest Film Ever Made"), Syd was a DEA agent working undercover as a money launderer for Russian gangsters who distribute product in the U.S. for a Cuban drug lord. Michael Bay's bugnuts action opus ended with Syd being kidnapped and having to be rescued by her brother and her boyfriend (Will Smith as Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowrey). Seeing as she's going to be the star of Bad Boys now (will it be called Bad Girl?), Syd will probably slap some people around and do the rescuing. 

The show is reportedly being pitched to networks, with the expectation of a full series commitment. Now, is it too much to ask for a Martin crossover?