Steppenwolf Speaks In New International JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer

And what he says may not shock you.

When I’m at my most optimistic about Justice League (hey, Ben Affleck’s Batman is good, Wonder Woman is obviously great, and DC’s tonal about-face may finally let Henry Cavill play a truly altruistic Superman), one of the things that gets me back down is the idea that this team is ultimately going to fight a big CG goofball like usual.

But until now, we haven’t seen a lot of that big CG goofball. This new international trailer for the film helps us out with that a bit:

Ol’ Steppenwolf only gets a couple of lines here. Those lines aren't super exciting, but that’s far more than we’ve seen so far. Given that he’s played by Ciarán Hinds, hopefully he ends up being more than just a big CG goofball. We’ll find out soon enough.