Sooooo Zachary Levi Is Going To Play SHAZAM!

Exclamation mark is not mine.

There are many days where I have to type headlines I never predicted in a million years. This is one of those days.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, everyone’s favorite “Who?”, Zachary Levi will play the title character of New Line’s Shazam! movie. Yes, Zachary Levi will be DC’s next big superhero guy.

It’s been a while since I saw Levi in anything. Maybe he still retains that alleged boyish charm. If so, that will work in his favor as Shazam is actually a kid who gets to be a beefy superpowered grownup any time he says the word “Shazam!”

I guess this also means we’re going to one day see Zachary Levi fight The Rock? And probably win? The world is a strange place. In any case, they intend to start shooting this with David F. Sandberg directing early 2018.