SUPERNATURAL 13.03 Review “Patience”

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This post contains spoilers for Supernatural.

Welcome back Missouri Mosley! Bye Missouri Mosley…

Let’s cover the idea that Supernatural has a history of not doing right by its female characters right out the gate. There was a time that was much truer than it is now, but the show has by and large made big steps toward fixing a lot of its problems. Seeing Missouri get offed after her long awaited return was more than unfortunate, but it was also done with a kind of autonomy for the character. She knew she was going to her death just as well as she knew that Dean and Jody would save her son and granddaughter.

There’s also the fact that Dean ran to the aid of Jody and Missouri when the two women are more than capable of handling themselves as well. Reductively, there’s a conversation to be had there, but at the end of the day this is still a show about two brothers. Both will always be involved in the main arc of each episode in one way or another. And, to Dean’s credit, a lot of their friends do drop dead.  

While Dean and Jody are off dealing with the wraith with a psychic-tooth, Sammy tries to teach Jack about his powers. Logically, they brought up the parallels of Jack’s situation and where Sam was nearly a decade ago, but Jack’s not so sure he can be saved after his conversation with Dean. Credit where it’s due, when this son of Satan storyline kicked off it seemed like there was little the writers could do to make it interesting. By making Jack a strange mix of Sam’s earnestness and Cas’ early baby in an adult’s body days they’ve created a new character that you find yourself rooting for despite the fact that there’s still a strong chance that Dean will be right about the kid in the final hour.

After Missouri’s death, the wraith goes after her granddaughter Patience. The interim between Missouri’s death and the final battle doesn’t have a lot worth mentioning aside from the Jack arc, but in the final act it’s not Dean saving the day, but Patience. It’s unfortunate that we lost Missouri after finally getting her back, but if things go the way they should with Wayward Sisters, we just might see Patience again. Jody’s advice matters infinitely more than Dean’s ever will, and Patience is a smart enough girl to sniff that out.

There’s an inevitable Sam and Dean explosion brewing on the horizon. We’ll see one or two a season for the rest of the show’s tenure for the sole reason that they’re such fundamentally different people, but eventually, maybe, they’ll start taking on a different flavor. No dice for early on in season thirteen, though! Maybe once Jack pulls Cas out of whatever void he’s in, Dean will simultaneously pull his head out of his ass. For now, though, we get the same old fights.