Dennis Widmyer And Kevin Kolsch Will Direct The PET SEMATARY Remake

The duo behind STARRY EYES are getting into the Stephen King game.

If you'd asked us two days ago how we felt about a Pet Sematary remake, we probably would've told you not to bother, as Mary Lambert's 1989 original remains one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made. But that would've been before we knew Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch were involved.

Yes, late last night, Deadline broke the news that Widmyer and Kolsch (who co-directed 2014's excellent Starry Eyes) had landed the gig, beating out several other directors for the job. They'll be working from a script by Jeff Buhler, and...well, that's about all we know at the moment, but given the gigantic success of It, we're guessing that Paramount's gonna push to have this thing done sooner rather than later.

While we're waiting on the casting announcements to roll in, give Starry Eyes a whirl. If that doesn't get you intrigued about what Widmyer and Kolsch might do with a Pet Sematary remake, I'm not sure anything will. Stay tuned.