DADDY’S HOME 2 Holiday Trailer Promises An X-Mas Treat For Sociopaths

And you thought your holiday get-togethers were bad.

It's unclear who Daddy's Home 2 is for (quick question for those who might know: do I have to see Daddy's Home 1 in order to follow along?). However, after having suffered through the two-minute-plus "holiday" trailer that was just released, the only logical answer to the above question seems to be: sociopaths.

Take a look:

Look, if one of your spot's opening jokes is to have Mel Gibson tell a dead hooker riff at Christmas (side note: casting him as Mark Wahlberg's father is kind of genius, as both actors have pasts involving hideous racism), I'm probably just going to skip your movie. I'm here for pictures like Blood Father, where he's essentially asking for forgiveness via pulp fiction (though it's up to the viewer to decide if he deserves it or not), but leaning into his IRL bad behavior for laughs is a bridge too far for even me. My moral code is complicated. 

John Lithgow seems to be having fun, I guess. Will Ferrell drops some knowledge about the "friend-zone" to his kid, so that's a thing. I'd ask "who asked for this?", but then a quick glance at the first movie's box office ($242 million worldwide, what in the everlasting FUCK?) tells the whole tale. 

In case you still care, Daddy's Home 2 hits theaters November 11. My screening invite continues to sit in my email folder, gathering dust as I contemplate the difficulties of existence. Meanwhile, Wahlberg begs God for forgiveness for starring in Boogie Nights. Nothing makes sense anymore.