THE FLASH 4.04 Review “Elongated Journey Into the Night”

Machette's hunting Cisco. Happy Halloween!

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This post contains spoilers for The Flash. 

Two new players make their way to The Flash this week, and both add to the hilarity that’s made season four great. Danny Trejo’s straight man cannot be matched, and while we all adore Cisco Ramone, it’s a little bit fun to watch him get hunted by Machette. Joining Trejo is Hartley Sawyer as the fabled Enlongated Man, and he and Barry have one hell of a history.

You see, back in his days on the force, Ralph Dibney decided to tamper with some evidence and frame a man. Except it turns out that all is not what we thought with the “crooked cop” turned Private I. The man he framed had indeed killed his wife, the cops just didn’t have the evidence to prove it. Barry has a hard time coming around to that acknowledgement though, considering the fact that Dibney is currently framing the Mayor for cheating on his wife.

“Elongated Journey into the Night” captures the beauty in each character of The Flash, which makes sense since it’s directed by the one and only Tom Cavanagh (Wells). Caitlin’s empathy is on full display, Joe’s discomfort with the oddity of the supernatural is brought front and center, and Cisco’s humor in moments of distress makes a huge comeback. In addition to leaning into what makes its characters great, tonight’s episode acknowledges some questions that fans have been discussing since season one. Primarily the fact that Team Flash has made some decisions that don’t align with the law. Things like imprisoning Metas without a trial, running their own prison, unintentionally ruining others’ lives, etc.

Barry has a moment of existentialism before running in to save Dibney from the crooked Mayor, but it turns out that a gunshot wound to the head isn’t what’s going to take him out. Gypsy and Breacher’s home world was taken over by Metas with a similar power to Dibney’s and Breacher’s going to get vengeance for all that they lost. Or at least he would have if Cisco didn’t show up to save the day. Vibe manages to solve the Breacher problem for the time being, but not before the Mayor takes Joe away at gunpoint. Que the redemption arc for our incredible Elongated Man.

Joe is saved, Barry’s shared his identity with yet another (mostly) random person, Breacher might not murder Cisco after all, and Joe finally shares his big news with Team Flash. This is a CW show, though, so we all knew the joy can’t last. Caitlin gets an ominous message on her door, and a dangerous name gets brought back into the mix. Dibney was sent after the mayor by Devoe, and our bright, hilarious, and infinitely better season four gets a new twist to play with!

Really the whole episode could have been garbage and it still would have been saved after Danny Trejo’s hilarity. Here’s hoping we get a few more episodes with him in the coming season.