Horror Fans! Get Ready To Pre-Order Your Copy Of GHOULISH: THE ART OF GARY PULLIN

The iconoclastic artist gets a hardback retrospective.

If you're a lover of screen print posters, horror vinyl soundtracks, and high class enamel pins (basically, if you're Dat Boi Wampler), then you more than likely are familiar with the work of “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin. He's created original art for Mondo, Waxwork Records, Death Waltz, Rue Morgue, and a slew of others, all while making fans out of Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King himself. 

Now Pullin is set to drop a rather hefty retrospective of his work, Ghoulish: The Art of Gary Pullin, which comes as a 208-page, full-color, hardbound coffee table monument that will run down his very best output. In the artist's own words:

“This book covers it all, from my early years as a budding artist and horror film fan and my 13-year stint at Rue Morgue magazine as their original art director to the present day, which finds me owning and operating my own company, Ghoulish Gary. I hope you enjoy reading my story and taking in the artwork as much as I enjoyed creating it. Perhaps it will inspire you to carve out your own path.”

The book will be open for pre-orders through 1984 Publishing beginning Wednesday, November 8th, and will start shipping out in May 2018. A $29.95 regular version will be available to pre-order on Amazon, while two $39.95 limited edition versions will also be made available. (So, yeah - they're pretty affordable as well). 

The initial limited edition run will be available via 1984’s website and will only have 500 copies, each of which will come with a 12-inch exclusive Goblin single. Side A will have a remastered live version of "Suspiria" while Side B will be a remastered live version of "Dawn of the Dead". 300 will be “stained glass” transparent blue, while 200 will be “stained glass” transparent red.

The second limited edition will be through Amazon and will only run 100 copies. These will include a signed 3D print of Children of the Corn by Pullin and specially branded 3D glasses.

Still on the fence about pre-ordering the book? Take a look at some of these samples.