Latest DOWNSIZING Trailer Takes Us To Tiny Town

Seems Alexander Payne is doing his very best Spike Jonze impersonation.

Alexander Payne's Downsizing has been getting...mixed reviews, to put it lightly (read Andrew's Fantastic Fest take here). 

Now, we've got a second longer trailer, that really sells the surreal aspects of his miniature comedy.

Take a look: 

Personally, I skipped Downsizing on closing night this year (in order to catch Takashi Miike's Blade of the Immortal, which is totally fucking awesome you guys). This trailer's not doing a whole lot to sell me on the fact that I may have missed anything, as its all Jonze Lite satirical comedy about Matt Damon suffering a mid-life crisis and then getting shrunk down into a more economically-minded tiny town (or something, I dunno). 

Paramount releases Downsizing December 22. Guess we'll all just have to tack a trip to this itty bitty Hellscape then.