Austin: Come See GERALD’S GAME With Carla Gugino At The Drafthouse Tomorrow

The star of Netflix's spectacular Stephen King adaptation is headed to Lakeline.

Here's something everyone (particularly Austinites) should be aware of: tomorrow night, the Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline will be screening Mike Flanagan's Gerald's Game...and they're going to have star Carla Gugino and producer Trevor Macy on-hand to take part in an accompanying Q&A!

Tickets are now on sale for this screening (it starts at 7PM, sharp), and can be picked up by following this link.

By the way, if you've not already seen Gerald's Game, you need to make an appointment to do so as soon as possible. Flanagan worked absolute magic with Stephen King's source material, turning in not only one of 2017's best horror films, but also one of the all-time best Stephen King adaptations, period. Having seen his film on both the big screen (at Fantastic Fest) and at home (via Netflix), I can tell you Gerald's Game works no matter what size of screen you're watching it on.

But, man...if you get the chance to see it in a theater? With a crowd? Especially when THAT SCENE happens? It's something else. If you're in the Austin area, see it at Lakeline tomorrow night. I promise you won't be disappointed.