Hear Brian De Palma Grill Noah Baumbach About His Entire Career

A forty-minute chat between masters that will make your weekend better.

For movie geeks, there are few pleasures as rewarding as listening to master filmmakers talk to one another about their craft and love for cinema. 

Recently, Brian De Palma and Noah Baumbach stopped by the live DGA Director's Cut podcast in order to chat about Baumbach's latest, The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected). On top of dissecting that total delight of a little motion picture (which you can watch on Netflix now - read our review here), the two brilliant artists dicuss the entirety of Baumbach's career, resulting in cute unexpected antecdotes (De Palma being taken aback by Noah's love of The Jerk is awesome). 

There's a chumminess between the two that's totally infectious, and it's great to have De Palma turning the tables on the filmmaker who profiled him so thoroughly in his own documentary. This 'cast is the perfect listen for a lazy weekend afternoon, when you wanna eavesdrop on two buddies shooting the breeze about the things that inspire them (which hopefully inspires you to go check out more of their movies).