Woody Harrelson Says No Thanks To More TRUE DETECTIVE

Y'know, Woody's probably right about this.

You may recall, back in June of last year, Matthew McConaughey casually mentioning that he'd be open to revisiting his True Detective character, Rust Cohle...assuming the gig involved a great script. At the time, HBO had not yet greenlit a third season of its once-mighty detective series, and after hearing McConaughey out we decided that if such a thing were to occur, we'd probably have a hard time not getting excited about it. 

Well, as it turns out, the whole thing's probably irrelevant, anyway, because McConaughey's season one co-star, Woody Harrelson, has no interest in joining McConaughey on a return trip to Carcosa. In a new interview with Yahoo, Harrelson says:

“I don’t see doing that (again), because it went very well the first time and come back around to it, what else are you going to hear but, ‘Not as good! Just wasn’t as good. Boy, you guys were good before, but this time…’

I don’t want to even hear that.” 

For one thing, Harrelson's not wrong: if all of us, even the most die-hard True Detective S1 fans, look deep enough inside ourselves, we'd have to admit that a return to these characters is almost certain to disappoint. For another thing - and this is a much bigger thing! - in the time since McConaughey floated the idea, HBO did go ahead and greenlit another season of True Detective, and they've got Moonlight's Mahershala Ali headlining the season with Green Room's Jeremy Saulnier directing. We've already got plenty to be excited about.

So, go ahead and cross this one off the "Big Maybe" list, folks. It's safe to assume we've officially seen the last of Detectives Cohle and Hart...but that shouldn't stop us from mounting a season one rewatch before season three arrives. Think it's about time to do that, anyway.