Here’s Last Night’s Best SNL Sketch

The bar got set pretty low, unfortunately.

After a couple weeks off, SNL returned last night with the usually reliable Larry David as host. And yet, something was off for the entire show. The return of David’s Bernie Sanders was a snooze, as was the Trump cold open and Aidy Bryant’s pre-taped Sarah Huckabee sketch. So if you were coming to SNL for water cooler political content, they missed three pretty big shots that took up nearly the entire first half hour.

But the other sketches were rough as well. Things picked up near the end, but about the only sketch with real wit and creativity was “Fresh Takes”, a high school announcement show in which students discuss hot gossip with the help of super weird teacher Mr. B:

Sadly, that’s about as good as the show got last night. There was a horrible late sketch saved somewhat by Larry David’s inability to stop laughing, but I don’t know if that should count as good. Without those giggles, it probably would have been the worst sketch of the night.

But “Fresh Takes” is perfect. It moved fast, had a lot of variety and successful segments, and made great use of Larry David’s inherent weirdness. It’s just a bummer this was the only sketch to really nail it last night.