Mondo’s Working On Games Based On JURASSIC PARK And FIGHT CLUB

Mondo's not done turning your favorite movies into board games.

Disclosure: Mondo and BMD are both owned by the Alamo Drafthouse.

There was no shortage of awesome collectibles on sale at MondoCon 4 this past weekend, but the one item I heard people talking about more than any other was Mondo's recently-released The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31 board game.

Copies of the game's special edition (limited to just 1,982 copies) were the hot item at this year's Gathering Of The Art Geeks, and the panel discussion about the game's creation (featuring Mondo Brand Director Jay Shaw, VP of Business Development Tim Wiesch, Game Designer Joe Van Wetering, Creative Director of Games Luke Byers and artist Justin Erickson) filled up very quickly. The people, it would seem, are very excited about Mondo's first foray into the tabletop gaming world.

And now they've got even more reason to be excited: according to Jay Shaw and Mondo Creative Director Eric Garza, the company is also working on games based on both Jurassic Park and Fight Club, as well as a completely original title. All three are slated for release in 2018. 

Here's what I found out over the weekend...


BMD: During the Infection At Outpost 31 panel earlier today, you mentioned both a Jurassic Park game and a Fight Club game. That's exciting!

Mondo Brand Director Jay Shaw: Yeah!

Which one of those is next?

JS: Well, we've got three board games coming out next year, but we don't have firm release dates for them yet, as they're still in development. The first one is a card game based on Fight Club, but I won't say anything further about that at the moment because I'm not supposed to talk about it.

Wait, a card game? Like a Magic: The Gathering thing, or like a Cards Against Humanity thing?

JS: Nope. You've never played a game like this, I assure you. It won't be comparable to any game in existence. 

Are you working with (Fight Club author) Chuck Palahniuk on it? Is he involved?

JS: (laughs) I can't talk about that. That's the first rule, man.

Well played.

Mondo Creative Director Eric Garza: It's going to be tough to market this game.

JS: It's going tough and wonderful to market this game. It's actually one of the things I'm most excited about in the coming year. But then we've also got an original game, and we've got one of our very favorite game designers working on that. I don't want to say his name just yet because he's still working on it...

Completely original characters, competely original concept?

JS: It's a completely original narrative game. Completely original everything. We're really excited about that, of course, but then we've also got a game coming based on Jurassic Park. That's gonna be our major game release next year.

How will Jurassic Park function, can you talk about that?

JS: Jurassic Park's an asymmetric game. The idea is that each player is playing towards a different goal and playing different roles. So you've got one player playing as InGen - they're creating dinosaurs, they're doing code sequencing, they're actually mining for amber so they can extract DNA...InGen is the God character, basically. Then you've got the park visitors, which is this small crew of people with objectives they need to accomplish. They also need to survive and get out of the park alive. Then you've got another player who's playing as the velociraptors. The raptors are a strategic kill team that can kind of slink around, coordinating attacks on the other players. Their job is to murder people. Then, finally, you've got the T-Rex, and that's just this giant thing bouncing around the board eating everything in sight.

And that character's player-controlled?

JS: Yes, everything in the game is player-controlled.

I was going to ask if there's a Dennis Nedry character, like someone who's going around trying to sabotage the other groups...

JS: I won't give away further details, but those little bits and pieces from the film will 100% be front and center in (this game). If there's a character from the movie that you love, you're probably going to interact with them in some way (while playing the game). If there's a piece of something you love, or a dinosaur you love, or you just like the way the film's visitor center looks, you're going to see all of that. This is a Jurassic Park game for people who adore Jurassic Park.

Wow, that sounds really cool.

JS: Yeah! And we've got Matthew Woodson doing all the artwork for the game. And lemme tell ya: he is super obsessed with dinosaurs. I've never met a person so obsessed with dinosaurs. If we hadn't asked him to be involved, I think he would've been really offended. We're really excited to have him onboard.


All of this sounds very cool, and we're excited to learn more as we get closer to the release dates on each of these titles. In the meantime, Mondo's The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31 is now available via your preferred tabletop gaming retailer (or, if you're angling for one of the special editions of the game, you can head on over to Mondo's site and sign up for their newsletter, which will keep you abreast of any upcoming online sales for the title).

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