FLASH Facts: Blacksmith

If you need it, she can get it.

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In a world of superheroes, the best way for a criminal to not get caught is to not be known. In the past, the Flash baddie Turtle did exactly that, quietly and slowly building a underground network (and city) all while the authorities and Flash went about taking down the other costumed crooks who liked to make the papers. When Flash finally discovered Turtle’s secret empire, it all went south.

When the Turtle went down for his crimes, his underground city became a sanctuary for the homeless people of both Keystone and Central for a little while, but in time the criminals came back and reclaimed it. One criminal in particular saw the opportunity of Turtle’s city and used it to her advantage, taking the underground metropolis that Flash and the authorities apparently forgot existed and turning it into the Network - something of a 24/7 flea market for bad guys.

That person was Amunet Black, better known as Blacksmith.

For fifteen years Blacksmith ran her black market without any goody goodies getting in the way, first moving the market around the globe before finally setting shop up in Turtle City (no one in the comics ever called it Turtle City, but how can it not be called Turtle City, right?). She also married the “reformed” Green Lantern villain Goldface who had moved to Keystone and become the Commissioner of Union 242. When Amunet divorced Goldface, she took some of the elixir he used to give himself powers and used it on herself. The elixir allowed Amunet to merge metal with flesh. All of this fed into her plan to become the big bad boss of Keystone and Central City.

Most of the criminal element in the twin cities went along with Blacksmith’s plan, but some of the ne'er-do-wells weren’t keen on seeing someone else try and step into their action, most notably the newly unretired Leonard Snart, who refused to keep playing Blacksmith’s reindeer games after she killed Rainbow Raider.

Ready to make her presence known, Blacksmith put together a new team of Rogues consisting of old school Rogues Mirror Master and Weather Wizard as well as the new Trickster, Magenta, Girder, Plunder, and Murmur. With her new gang in place, Blacksmith went about destroying Flash’s (at this time Wally was Flash) support network. She framed former Rogue turned hero Pied Piper for the murder of his parents and had Plunder shoot Wally’s best pal Chunk with a bullet that tore open the singularity residing inside him (maybe one day we’ll get to really dig into Chunk). She also trapped Cyborg and Flash’s pals at the Keystone PD within the mirror universe, caused Jesse Quick’s company to collapse, and faked test result to make it appear that Joan Garrick, wife of the first Flash Jay Garrick, had cancer. With no one around to help Wally, Blacksmith put her plan in motion.

For a bit, Blacksmith and her Rogues had Wally in a tight spot, but the twin cities, led by Goldface, took to the streets and helped Flash defeat the baddies. Seeing an opportunity to get the gang back together and teach Blacksmith a lesson, Captain Cold popped in to help his old pals escape, leaving Amunet and the new Rogues to the authorities. Without her own support network, Flash took down Blacksmith without much trouble.

Since then, Blacksmith has been a permanent resident of Iron Heights.