LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Review 3.05 “Return of the Mack”

Vampires Don't Sparkle.

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This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.

Good news for those of you who thought Rip Hunter being off the team would impede his ability to make terrible decisions that ruin their day! Turns out Rip’s bad choices can’t be stopped by silly things like time or not being a Legend. While bopping around on his own, without his trusty Time Bureau in tow, Rip stumbles across a vampire. We go over this revelation again while on the Waverider with an over caffeinated Nate who stays up all night looking for something for the team to do. It’s a retread, but it’s a funny moment, so it gets a pass.

On the way to check out what’s going on with the whole vampire situation, Zari learns a hard lesson of being a Legend: being a time traveler doesn’t mean you can fix the injustices against your family or your people. Most members of the team have someone they’d give their very lives to save, or a point in time they’d change, and some deal with that better than others. Zari takes this revelation poorly, and isn’t too into the idea of her and Amaya playing friends to sort out their totem situation while she’s still in mourning.

Like all of the others, Zari will have to deal with her past. And, like the others, she gets a pass or two on being a complete idiot when it comes to not being able to cope. Turns out the vampire situation was never a vampire situation at all, and there’s a secret society that’s working for a being called Malus. Malus is big and bad enough that Rip would do exactly what he did in the first season and betray his organization to stop his plans. Why? Well, because Rip Hunter never changes, learns or grows. Unfortunately, in the case of Malus, he seems to be correct on the threat level.

The organization that’s worshipping Malus intends to bring someone back from the dead to do the being’s bidding. That someone? Damien Darhk. While some might roll their eyes at the fact that we’re bringing an old villain that we’ve already seen play out in this universe several times, Darhk has never been a feather weight, and he’s always hilarious. He’ll make a good contrast with Malus’ apparent old evil vibes, which should help the villain and hero dance play out nicely, but not in the same way we’ve seen it previously.

Rip and The Legends (mostly Sara) come to an impasse on what to do about this secret society. Rip needs to know more about Malus and his plans, whereas Sara needs the man who killed her sister and many more to stay very dead. Rip betrays the Legends to get what he wants (surprise) and Darhk returns according to Malus’ plan. Clearly it’s way too early in the season for anything to be done about Damien, so he escapes with ease and the Legends have their former Captain to deal with.

Never doubt the resolve of Sara Lance. She may care about you, but if you cross her team she will throw your ass to the dogs faster than you can blink, and Rip found that out the hard way. Despite the fact that the Time Bureau almost mirrors the Time Masters, Rip is somehow surprised when they take him into custody. The guy who always wants to take action now, now, now was apparently confused about the term “Bureaucracy” the day he created his shiny new team of robots.

It’s difficult to think of a show that balances humor and high stakes the way Legends of Tomorrow does. The fact that those high stakes can often be resolved as a result of fixing time likely makes it easier, but the fact that this show has refused to take itself seriously since season one certainly helps. One of their greatest villains returned from the dead, but Nate and Ray still had time to hold hands ala Toy Story 3. Mick wasn’t only reading the whole time, but was reading Dracula and going off about vampires the whole time. Dominic Purcell played Drake (Dracula) in Blade: Trinity. The show never lets a joke or an important side story like this Firestorm situation fall by the wayside, and here’s to hoping that it never does. Its weird blend works perfectly. Here’s to a full season filled with more of this!