But Wait, There’s More: Disney Announces Live-Action STAR WARS TV Series

You thought we were done with STAR WARS news today. You thought wrong.

Hot on the heels of the news that Rian Johnson will be spearheading an all-new, non-Skywalker Star Wars trilogy comes another bombshell: Disney just announced that it's also developing a live-action Star Wars series, and you'll only be able to see it on the company's as-yet-unlaunched streaming video service. 

The news was announced today by Disney CEO Bob Iger, who also casually let slip that Disney's streaming service will also play home to a new Marvel series, a Monsters Inc. series, and a series based on High School Musical. Everyone who rolled their eyes at the idea of yet another streaming platform just had their bluff called. 

So, when's this streaming service going to debut? Word on the street is that we should expect it sometime in 2019, which means Disney's got a minimum of a year and change to get these things into production and finalized. We're guessing that plenty of groundwork's already been laid. The real question is, when will we learn more?

No idea on that front, but rest assured we'll keep you informed as the updates roll in. In the meantime, celebrate (or gripe, if that's your thing) in the comments below. It's a good day to be a Star Wars uber-nerd.