Full Trailer For DARK Flattens Time And Snatches Kids

Netflix is looking to hit STRANGER THINGS gold with their German import.

Just like The Duffer Brothers, the names Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar may not be familiar at all right now, but once their new Netflix series Dark drops, they could very well be the arthouse flipside to those mainstream overnight success stories. This German import looks like Stephen King's subtitled cousin, full of metaphysics and missing children.

Netflix just released the full-length trailer for Dark, and it's incredibly spooky. Take a look:

The ten-part series centers on the disappearance of two children in the small town of Winden, and four families that are connected to the mysterious event. Toss in a bunch of imagery with brain-scan chairs and moldy basements, and you've got us on the hook for half a day's worth of binge-watching. 

Dark arrives on December 1st.