Here’s Our First Really Good Look At Jodie Whittaker In DOCTOR WHO

Bet you weren't expecting suspenders.

A few months ago, the world learned that the next Doctor Who, the thirteenth such iteration of the character, would be played by a woman for the very first time. Attack The Block's Jodie Whittaker landed the gig, which was a very nice get for Doctor Who, indeed.

This morning, the BBC released our first official look at this new Doctor, and...yup, Whittaker looks pretty great standing next to that TARDIS.

According to the folks over at i09, the Doctor isn't the only element in this photo that's been changed: the TARDIS has also been given an overhaul.

"The St. Johns Ambulance logo present in the TARDIS exteriors of the last two Doctors is now gone, and the signage has been reverted to the dark blue and black backgrounds of TARDISes past, to boot."

All of this is mostly lost on me, a dude who's never seen a single episode of Doctor Who, but as a big Attack The Block fan I'm excited to see Whittaker taking on such an iconic role. Maybe I'll give this iteration of Doctor Who a shot when it arrives next year!

What do you folks think? Digging the tweaked TARDIS? What do you think of the new Doctor's get-up (I'm admittedly torn on the suspenders, but I'm willing to set aside those misgivings for the time being)? Sound off in the comments below.