PSA: We’ll Start Hearing The First Reactions To JUSTICE LEAGUE Tomorrow

Buckle up.

According to The Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider, the social media embargo on Justice League will break tomorrow morning at 9AM PST (insert rawkin' electric guitar riff here). Here he is saying as much, alongside a pinch of salt:

So far, only a limited number of critics have actually seen Justice League, and - as the existence of an embargo suggests - have been unable to publicly share their reactions to the film. Tomorrow's embargo break will throw open the floodgates on those reactions, but official reviews will not begin running until (checks email for inexplicably specific embargo break time) 1:50 AM CST on November 15th.

So, this is it, folks. The moment we've been waiting roughly two years for. Last chance to place your bets: will Warner Bros. deliver another Wonder Woman-esque triumph, or will Justice League be a Batman V. Superman redux? Make your predictions in the comments below, and be safe out there.