Shining a light on all those hard to reach stories.

Most days, a whole lot of stuff passes across our front page. Sometimes worthy stories disappear a bit too quickly. For that reason, we’re putting together an overview of how the week went down. From crazy news stories, to editorials we love, to just plain goofy articles that deserve a second look - this is The BMD Week that Was.

This last week was insane. Probably the biggest news is Rian Johnson’s attachment to a whole new Star Wars trilogy (not to mention Lucasfilm’s plans to make a live-action Star Wars television show), but here at BMD, it was all about another excuse to post a picture of Superman with a mustache. We also saw Universal’s Dark Universe plans crumble, if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

But that’s not even the really exciting stuff. Meredith reviewed the great (don’t listen to haters, it’s great) Murder on the Orient Express. I reviewed the good Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond and the bad Motorrad. Michael Gingold suffered through Daddy’s Home 2. And Jacob got me super excited about Acts of Vengeance, the new Isaac Florentine movie starring Antonio Banderas. As always, Andrew got us a new Star Trek: Discovery review.

Jacob also started his new AGFA Secret Society column with a look at Wonder Women and implored everyone to check out Savage Dog on Netflix (you should, it’s incredible), and looked back at The Mist. Andrew wrote a great piece about the New Zealand notes in Thor: Ragnarok. Scott also got all deep on Eyes Wide Shut.

Siddhant wrote a great piece on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and we had two great articles about Lady Bird, a movie everyone seems to adore. And then, in my personal favorite article of the week, the great Phil Nobile, Jr. gave up a ton of love for Skyfall.

Savage Stack focused on Douglas Sirk’s The Tarnished Angles. We said something nice about Grease 2. Collins’ Crypt looked at why Jigsaw didn’t work. Broad Cinema celebrated Julianne Moore’s work in Boogie Nights. And the team got together to discuss our favorite whodunits.

So if you're bored this weekend and looking for something to read, I do believe we are your Huckleberry. Have fun, and we'll see you next week!