Comic Book Cinema Sucked Dry As MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE Begins Development

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The biggest argument against comic book cinema is that there's just too much of it. Between DC and Marvel, we seem to be getting a new adaptation every few months (or, at least, every quarter). When combined with the onslaught of small screen adaptations (such as Marvel's qualitatively dubious Netflix series), we're bombarded by the Industrial Cape Complex to an almost numbing degree. 

However, with the end of the MCU on the horizon within the next few years, and the DCEU continuing to critically sputter out time and again (though still staying pretty strong at the box office - Wonder Woman being the dual acceptance anomaly here) we're reaching the point in the pop cinema cycle where studios are going to start turning to lesser known and goofier characters in order to keep milking this cash cow. 

Which leads us to today's news - a spin-off in Sony's Spider-Man universe centered around Morbius The Living Vampire (pictured above, in full plasma-drinking glory). Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, who worked on the recent Power Rangers movie (which, to be fair, was far better than anyone was expecting) wrote the script, and just submitted it to the studio after a secret development process. Why Sony kept a Morbius The Living Vampire movie a secret is beyond anyone's comprehension, as most probably have to Google the character in order to figure just who in the fuck he is. 

Speaking of Google, a quick cursory search reveals Morbius to be Dr. Michael Morbius - a scientist who suffers from a rare blood disease and attempts to cure himself to disastrous results (he becomes a vampire). This leads to Morbius battling our friendly neighborhood web-head and, over time, becoming a slightly heroic figure in his own right. Basically, he's the Yuri Boyka of the Spider-Man 'verse, only instead of kicking ass, he bites necks and wears tights.

Details on Sony's take are sparse thus far, except that these spin-offs they're developing will not be connected to Sony’s Tom Holland movies and are not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is being produced by Marvel Studios. Morbius is, again, a man alone in time, just trying to get that blood. No release date has been targeted as of yet, and the movie's writing duo are also showrunning/writing the Lost in Space reboot for Netflix that's debuting next year. So, it seems their niche is "pictures nobody really asked for, but could still be pretty cool if properly baked."