Report: Quentin Tarantino Wants Tom Cruise For His Next Film

DiCaprio. Pitt. Cruise. There's only room for two of 'em.

Earlier today, we learned that three separate studios - Warner Bros., Paramount and Sony - were heavily competing against one another to land Quentin Tarantino's next project, an as-yet-untitled, '60s set film set against the backdrop of the Manson Family murders.

Each studio is trying very, very hard to woo Tarantino, which isn't much of a surprise; not only is Tarantino one of our greatest living directors, but he also brings major talent (and, in most cases, major box office) to the table. In the case of this latest project, he's already got Margot Robbie onboard to play actress Sharon Tate, and previous reports indicate that both Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are being sought for the project.

Well, now there's a new wrinkle in all this: according to Deadline, Tarantino has also been in discussions with Tom Cruise about joining the film, in one of the two lead roles previously earmarked for Pitt and DiCaprio. Three major actors, two roles. Who'll come out on top? Deadline says it'll come down to scheduling and dealmaking, but it's very interesting to hear that Tarantino wants Cruise for one of those parts.

A brief glance at social media indicates that the crowd's divided on this one, but - speaking as someone who identifies as both a Tarantino and Cruise super-fan - I gotta say, I'm hoping these roles end up going to DiCaprio and Cruise (sorry, Brad Pitt, we'll bring you back for the next one). But what do you folks think? Who would you like to see snag these roles? Sound off in the comments below.