Teaser For Judd Apatow’s First Stand Up Special Tries To Stop Him

Please don't do this, Judd.

People often forget that Judd Apatow began his career like every other comedian: on the stage, struggling to keep five-to-ten minutes of material going while a nervous audience stared up at the kid under the spotlight. He was Adam Sandler's roommate before both became famous, and now - after quitting stand up to pursue a film career in '92 - Apatow finally returns to the stage in his first taped special.

Take a look at the teaser for The Return, which showcases a bunch of familiar faces telling him it's a bad idea:

Will this be any good? Probably. We all know Apatow's a funny guy, and he's been on a rampage lately regarding the Trump Presidency, stopping by late night talk shows and urging audience members (both in the studio and at home) to use their voice to speak out. Now, I can't say for sure, but there's more than likely going to be a few jokes taking a stab at the current State of the Union. Hopefully, this is a new phase in his already prolific career, where the situation has become so dire that he's shouting from every platform he can get (while still making you cry with laughter).

The Return hits Netflix December 12th. We're totally going to be tuning in.