Trailer For DESOLATION Dares You To Ever Go Camping Again

The woods are dark, deep and full of eyes that're watching you.

The camping horror movie is a genre staple, and it looks like Sam Patton's scare picture is going to be another solid entry into the sub-categorization.

Take a look at this first trailer for the IFC Midnight release, which promises a serious dose of dronecore:

There are definite echoes of Jeff Lieberman's underseen slasher gem Just Before Dawn contained in that footage, and the official synopsis promises a proper little creeper:

After the death of her husband, Abby (Jaimi Page), her son, Sam (Toby Nichols) and best friend, Jen (Alyshia Ochse), venture into the forests of upstate NY on a camping trip, only to find themselves in danger from a mysterious hiker (Claude Duhamel) with malicious intentions.  As the trio attempts to navigate the vast wilderness in search of safety, they find themselves the hunted prey in a deranged killer’s terrifying game and the only way to survive is to kill - or be killed.

Desolation arrives in select theaters, on VOD, and via digital platforms in the U.S. on December 15. We're definitely going to check this one out.