We’re Pretty Sure Trent Reznor Didn’t Appear On CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM As A Living Statue

But then again...

If you caught this week's Curb Your Enthusiasm ("Namaste"), you might recall a scene wherein Larry accompanies potential new girlfriend Bridget (Lauren Graham) and her asshole son, Eddie, on a trip to a Santa Monica shopping center. You might also recall a fleeting moment wherein the trio encounter one of those "living statue" types. 

What you might not recall is thinking, "Hey, I think that living statue might be Academy Award-winning composer, Nine Inch Nails frontman and all-around badass Trent Reznor", but that's the theory over on Reddit.

Before you dismiss this completely, be aware that there's a fun little conspiracy theory to go along with it. It all ties back to an April Fool's Day prank Reznor played in 2009. On that day, Reznor released the "cover art" and track listing for an upcoming Nine Inch Nails album to be called Strobe Light. According to the track listing, the album would find Reznor collaborating with artists such as Sheryl Crow, Justin Timberlake, and - on a song called "Everybody's Doin' It" - Chris Martin, Jay-Z and Bono. 

Here's what that faux album cover looked like:

You'll note that these appear to be the exact same glasses worn by the living statue on this week's Curb Your Enthusiasm. That, plus the admittedly uncanny resemblance to Reznor, have left some Redditors convinced that another prank has been played. To what end (and why Larry David would be involved), we cannot possibly say, but it's fun to imagine such a thing taking place. And while I'm hard-pressed to imagine Larry David being a NIN fan, I have zero trouble believing that he and Reznor might get along as fellow misanthropes.

As such, we're choosing to believe this conspiracy theory until Reznor himself tells us otherwise. I mean, why not? It makes as much sense as anything else happening in the world right now.