First DEADPOOL 2 Teaser Is Basically A Comedy Short

And a slightly NSFW one at that.

Ah, Deadpool. The gift that keeps on giving. With most films, the brunt of creativity goes to making the movie itself. These Deadpool folks, however, really save some back for the marketing campaigns.

Here’s a perfect example. Offered as a teaser for The Untitled Deadpool Sequel - hey, maybe they’ll actually keep that name! - what we really have is Ryan Reynolds riffing on a Deadpool-flavored Bob Ross impression. It’s not very mature, but it is funny, which is exactly what we should expect from the character.

Those who make it all the way through are rewarded with an actual teaser full of new footage (including just a tiny bit of Cable). That stuff looks fine, but I’m here for the extended comedy bits in place of what would normally just be regular trailer business. I like that we can always rely on Deadpool to get weird with it.

Deadpool 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) hits theaters June 1.