Joe Carnahan’s BOSS LEVEL Will Star Frank Grillo And Mel Gibson

The Mel Gibson Comeback Tour keeps on a-rolling.

When Daddy's Home 2 arrived in theaters last weekend, Hollywood was paying very close attention. Not only did the film represent Mel Gibson's first major at-bat since his career went up in flames back in the mid-aughts, but it also happened to be...a family comedy. If the public were going to vote on Gibson's future with its box office dollars, surely there would be no better test than this.

Daddy's Home 2 opened to $30M at the box office. 

Now comes the news that Gibson's signed on for another new role, this time in Joe Carnahan's Boss Level. According to Deadline, the film will revolve around a retired special forces veteran (Frank Grillo) who finds himself "trapped in a never-ending loop resulting in his death. In order to stop his endless suffering, he must figure out who is responsible and stop them."

So, it's another in a long line of Groundhog Day riffs ("What if Groundhog Day but action?"), only this time it'll have all the grittiness of a Joe Carnahan flick, all the ass-kicking of a Frank Grillo performance ... and Mel Gibson, who it appears Hollywood is ready to re-embrace (Gibson also has S. Craig Zahler's Dragged Across Concrete and a possible Lethal Weapon sequel on deck).

No word on which studio might distribute Boss Level - Deadline only notes who's financing and producing the film - but at the rate things are going, it doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that it'll have no problem finding one.

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