Trailer For STRATTON Casts Dominic Cooper As A DTV Bond

Keep the Redbox mayhem renaissance rolling.

By Andrew's accounts, Dominic Cooper has been doing fairly solid work in the improved second season of AMC’s TV adaptation of Garth Ennis' Preacher, but the former Howard Stark has another adaptation lined up, and it looks like it's going to rock American living rooms come January. Cooper plays an MI6 agent in Stratton, the action picture from Con Air director Simon West (ugh) that’s based on a popular series of novels.

To be fair, calling this a DTV affair is slightly misleading, as the movie hit UK cinemas in September, but America has finally received a trailer for its VOD release, and its a doozy. Check it out:

Though there will be a limited theatrical run for Stratton in the States, the majority of us will be catching this one from our couch. Co-starring Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman) and Austin Stowell (Colossal), this writer's all in when the movie hits VOD come January 5th.