Latest Trailer For WACO Paints A Sympathetic Portrait Of David Koresh

This looks strange and fascinating.

The recent rush of '90s history being repurposed into dramatic re-tellings is yielding some compelling art, with The People vs. OJ Simpson leading the charge. With the excellent I, Tonya on the way in December, and the great-looking Assassination of Gianni Versace appearing to be a totally bizarre second installment of American Crime Story, the trend is continuing, proving we're far enough removed from that period in history to recontextualize some its more fascinating (and highly publicized) events. 

Now there's Waco - the six-part mini-series from the Paramount Network that, based on this new full-length spot, seems to be painting an anti-government take on David Koresh (played here by Taylor Kitsch), the Branch Davidian leader whose cult was decimated during a '93 stand-off with the ATF.

Take a look:

Co-starring Michael Shannon and John Leguizamo (and I see Shea Whigham in the background there!), this odd concoction is certainly going to be a hot topic here at BMD when it's released on January 24. Maybe we should coin a new subgenre for this pulp history?