Official Synopsis For THE UNTITLED DEADPOOL SEQUEL Goes Buck Wild

Wade Wilson: Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

Hot on the heels of Ryan Reynolds doing a pretty good Bob Ross impersonation, comes the official synopsis for The Untitled Deadpool Sequel (which I really hope becomes the title). We first saw totally ridiculous summary over on IGN's Twitter feed, and can't stop laughing: 

Since the rundown doesn't include any mention of Josh Brolin's Cable (though he could be Wade's stiffest competition for the best bartender in Mayberry - or the sexually aggressive canine), we're betting there's a bit more to the movie than this. Either way, its fun to see the series continue to lean into the irreverent sense of humor that sets it apart from the current crop of comic book cinema. 

The Untitled Deadpool Sequel hits theaters June 1, 2018.