Sebastian Stan & Tatiana Maslany Join Karyn Kusama’s DESTROYER

We need this movie tomorrow, pleasekthanx.

I'd like to issue an open note to Karyn Kusama, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and the producers on their upcoming movie Destroyer. If you guys need someone to just show early cuts to and get a reaction, I'm here for you. I'll work for free. Seriously. That's how bad I want to see your next movie. After the brilliance of The Invitation, my heart and brain are finally ready to take another trip into an existential Hell.

For your follow-up to The Invitation, you've already got Nicole Kidman on board, and the logline - following an LAPD detective's long, tumultuous relationship with a California desert cult - sounds like you've made a stealth sequel to that stellar little chiller. 

Now, you're potentially adding Sebastian Stan (who's so great in the upcoming I, Tonya) and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), both of whom are in talks to join the movie in roles that have yet to be revealed. 

So seriously, let me see your movie ASAP. We'll keep it between us. Pinky swear.