The Monstrous First Trailer For RAMPAGE Is Here

In which The Rock is terrorized by a giant ape, a giant wolf and a giant alligator.

The first trailer for Brad Peyton's Rampage just stomped its way online, and it's...well, it's a lot of things, actually. 

Take a look and we'll discuss afterwards.

So, as you probably know, Rampage is based on an old video game that allowed players to storm around various cityscapes, smashing skyscrapers and eating people in order to advance to new levels. The original arcade cabinet was something of a classic, and years later the game was successfully ported over to the original Nintendo. It was big, dumb, colorful and kinda wacky.

The film version of Rampage is (no pun intended) a completely different kind of animal. For one thing, this footage is surprisingly low on humor. For another, George, Lizzie and Ralph (the three gigantic animals The Rock will be mixing it up with in Peyton's film) look both smaller and less cartoonish than we were expecting. We're also surprised by the Smashing Pumpkins needle drop, which is - let's be honest - far from this trailer's best feature. Woof.

Bottom line: given the source material, we were expecting something a little sillier than the movie being advertised here. That's not necessarily a bad thing (make no mistake: we will watch the everloving shit out of The Rock trying to contain a rampaging, 30-foot-tall wolf), it's just taking a moment to wrap our heads around.

What do you folks think? Sound off in the comments below.

Rampage arrives April 20th, 2018.