It’s Official: Sony Will Distribute Quentin Tarantino’s Ninth Film

Also, we're calling it #9 now, apparently.

In a most unexpected turn of events, Deadline says that Sony will distribute Quentin Tarantino's next project, which is rumored to take place in late 1960's Los Angeles against the backdrop of the Manson Family murders. According to Deadline, the working title of the film is now #9.

Here are a few more details from Deadline's report:

  • Apparently, Tarantino was convinced to take Sony's offer after being impressed by Tom Rothman's "deep knowledge of film history" (nuclear spit take goes here).
  • Margot Robbie is not yet signed to star in the film as Sharon Tate, but Tarantino's still gunning very hard on that front.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are all circling the project, but it's not yet clear if all three will appear.
  • The working title is in reference to this being Tarantino's ninth film. Deadline's perpetuating the rumor that Tarantino will retire after his tenth.
  • Once again, #9 is being compared to Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. Do with that what you will.
  • The film will begin production next year for a 2019 release.

Aaand that's about all we know at this time. It's truly shocking that Tarantino went with Sony on this one (this writer suspected he'd go with Warner Bros., thanks to their ongoing support of 70MM film), but it sounds like they're gonna try and give him everything he wants...including that $100M budget and first-dollar profits at the box office. Once again: it's good to be Quentin Tarantino.

What do you folks think about all this? Are you as surprised as we are that #9's headed to Sony? Think there's any chance in hell that Cruise might actually climb aboard to play Manson? Sound off in the comments below.

(Note: header art by the great Ken Taylor)