SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Gives The Business To Batman

“You guys talking about Batman?”

Despite a stellar episode last week, it’s been a rough season so far for Saturday Night Live. That trend continued with last night’s Chance the Rapper episode. There were a couple high points - the pre-taped “Come Back Barack” for one, and Pete Davidson finally had a funny Weekend Update spot - but so much of it was just bland, particularly the last half-hour, which was filled with unfunny sketches that seemed to go on forever.

For me, the best sketch of the night was this bit about why Batman might be an asshole:

It’s a pretty funny angle on a character who kind of deserves it. The actual jokes in the sketch aren’t super clever, but the idea itself is wonderful, and everyone’s “You guys talking about Batman?” feels exactly like a question regular people in Gotham would be asking each other all the time.

Poor Batman’s having kind of a rough weekend. What did you think of last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments!