BEST FRIEND FROM HEAVEN Trailer Is More Evidence We’re All Inside A VR Program That’s Trolling Us

This is going to be a nice wedding, according to the talking dog.

"Is this real life?" David After Dentist asked us eight years ago, and we laughed. 

But the answer, David, is that I'm not sure anymore. I'm just not sure. 

Here's the trailer for Best Friend From Heaven.

This is one of those trailers that spells out the entire movie for you, but if you can't play it for some reason, what happens is Tara's dog is hit by a car on her wedding day and she's too distraught to go through with the ceremony. So the dog comes back from Dog Heaven with the power of speech ("I can talk now.") and proceeds to work his heavenly magic to throw Tara the best wedding ever.

We don't know when Best Friend From Heaven is coming out or what, overall, is the deal with movies where dogs are angelic emissaries. What we can discern between the lines is that Best Friend From Heaven was made by folks so earnest and modest they couldn't even bring themselves to do that crass thing where producers put "Academy Award Nominee" or "Golden Globe Winner" in front of Kris Kristofferson's name in the trailer. They seem like nice folks.