CW’s CRISIS ON EARTH-X Crossover Gets A Big Trailer

Even for a non-fan, this looks pretty cool.

As someone who doesn’t watch any of CW’s DC shows, I have to admit I get jealous of those who do from time to time. One of those times is now, as all these shows are coming together for a big crossover event called "Crisis on Earth-X", which just got its first trailer:

Boy, that’s a lot of people with super powers. And it looks like a lot of them will have evil counterparts as well. I can’t even imagine something like this on TV back when I was coming up, and for all those out there who adore these shows, this must be unbearably exciting.

If you want to get in on this, the whole shebang starts November 27, a week from today, with Supergirl and Arrow and then will conclude the next night with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.