RZA Says Jim Jarmusch Is Coming Back For A GHOST DOG Sequel

We need more ways of the samurai ASAP.

Jim Jarmusch isn't normally one to make a spectacle out of whatever movie he's working on next. That's only a small fraction of why he's so fucking cool (the hair makes up the rest, frankly). The man does what he wants, artistically, toiling away in silence before dropping his latest works on us like gifts out of the blue. 

Unlike Jarmusch, the RZA has a huge mouth, and is ready to declare to the world just what the hell he's up to. From the sounds of it, a Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai sequel is not only in the cards for himself, Jarmusch and Forest Whitaker, but is already written by the Wu-Tang mastermind. Speaking with Telerama, the hip hop genius said:

“Jim Jarmusch, my good buddy, and Forest Whitaker, have both signed on with me and another writer named Dallas Jackson, to executive produce another Ghost Dog. And we already have something written. So maybe Ghost Dog will make its way back to the silver screen, or small screen."

Things are a little hazy there. So, RZA, Whitaker and Jarmusch are executive producing the movie (or series?), but there's no word on who will direct, or if Whitaker will even come back as the urban assassin. The script being written, and RZA using the word "signed" lead us to believe that the project is certainly happening, but it sounds like there are still a bunch of details that need to be hammered out. 

Obviously, the ending of Jarmusch's '99 masterwork also makes us wonder exactly how the contract killer's legacy is going to be continued, but it'll be fascinating to watch this art house action follow-up develop. We'll keep you posted, but in the meantime, lend the original's killer soundtrack a listen for a minute or two.