Bond Talk After Dark: 007 vs. Indiana Jones

We get a little archaeological and find a fight scene between two icons. Sort of.

Last week’s James Bonding podcast saw the Matts pivot to Indiana Jones, a character born in many ways from Lucas and Spielberg’s Bond fandom. It's a great listen, and I was reminded of an interview with Daniel Craig (and I’ll be damned if I can find it now) where he revealed that a large inspiration for his take on Bond - as of Skyfall, at any rate - was Indiana Jones. It's exemplified in Skyfall's casino fight - Craig's Bond takes lumps like no other Bond, and his eventual success has as much to do with luck as it does skill. It's all pretty Indy. “The circle of life,” as Bond nonsensically said in 2012.

I couldn’t find the interview, but I did find this: Young Daniel Craig vs Young Indiana Jones!


Actress Karin Dor passed away this month. Her You Only Live Twice character Helga Brandt doesn’t tend to top the lists of Bond henchwomen, coming as she does on the hee