Gareth Evans Bringing GANGS OF LONDON To Cinemax

THE RAID's master of brutality is looking to bludgeon his way through England.

(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.) 

The pair of Raid pictures are objects of worship in certain action circles, so Gareth Evans currently having multiple irons in the fire is music to many genre nuts' ears. 

On top of being in early talks to helm a Deathstroke adaptation for DC (which sadly may not happen now due to the failure of Justice League at the box office), Evans also has The Apostle, a period cult thriller with Dan Stevens set up at Netflix.

Now, Evans is also developing the episodic drama Gangs of London for Cinemax and Sky Atlantic, which is currently eyeing a 2019 release date. Set in contemporary England, London showcases a city that's "becoming torn apart by power struggles involving a number of international gangs. The series begins as the head of one criminal gang is assassinated and the power vacuum threatens the fragile peace between the other underworld organizations.” Evans will direct the project, and will also write the scripts with Peter Berry, Clare Wilson, Joe Murtagh and Matt Flannery.

Evans was a wizard with the Raid movies, working on a low budget and spinning brutal gold out of next to nothing. Watching him operate with a proper allocation of resources is going to be thrilling, and one can't help but hope that Gangs of London will showcase both a solid longform story, as well as the director's now trademark insane action shooting style. We'll keep you updated as this one develops, for sure.