Hai Doggy! James Franco Recreated 30 Minutes Of THE ROOM For DISASTER ARTIST

Beat-for-beat, your favorite bad movie is back again.

The Disaster Artist is sort of a miracle movie. James Franco's adaptation of the self-penned memoir by Greg Sestero (recounting his days starring in the "so bad it's good" classic The Room) is a total love letter to outsider art, regardless of its reception. Franco's film is funny and strange, while never actually making fun of its eccentric subjects, namely mastermind Tommy Wiseau, who Franco brings to life with equal parts menace, probable perversity and an inescapable sadness. The fact that The Disaster Artist exists should be celebrated. That it's actually fucking great is mind-blowing (full review to come the week of release). 

One of the coolest aspects of Franco's film is that it actually contains 30 minutes of recreated footage from The Room, which is such an authentic act of mimicry, you have to wonder just how many times the filmmaker rewound his copy to get Wiseau's camera movements and the cast's body language down pat. It's just uncanny. 

Now, Franco and his brother Dave (who plays Sestero) have confirmed that those thirty minutes are going to be included as a separate feature on the home video release, which will mark it as a must-own for Room aficionados. The Brothers Franco stopped by the Kernels podcast to chat about The Disaster Artist with those Independent chaps, and the conversation is really funny and lively, so definitely check it out. 

Even if you don't care about the home video release - and really, how could you, as we're talking about a Blu-ray for a movie that hasn't even hit theaters yet - take this article as a polite suggestion to see The Disaster Artist when it drops on December 8th. It's a total treat, and easily one of the best, most human movies to be released in 2017.