Latest Trailer For 12 STRONG Leans Into The Jingoism

Old school Bruckheimer, with all the weird political trimmings.

There's a strong chance that Chris Hemsworth's wade into Jerry Bruckheimer's pool of '90s-style action is being marketed to one audience only: red state meat eaters. 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story Of The Horse Soldiers (Jesus fucking Christ) is now billing itself as “The true story of the first victory in the war on terror.” The new trailer leans into that jingoistic tagline, hard

Take a look:

"Here's a piece of the Towers to take with you." Get the fuck out. 

To be fair, I loved the shit out of Michael Bay's 13 Hours, but one wonders if Nicolai Fuglsig (who's making his feature debut here) has the same capacity for beautiful carnage as the great, angry Bay. Either way, I'm still gonna watch this on January 19th, rah rah nonsense or not. The cast is too stacked not to.