ARROW 6.07 Review “Thanksgiving“

This workplace has now gone 0 days without a well-meaning lie from Oliver Queen.

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This post contains spoilers for Arrow.

Season six of Arrow has been an odd case of revisiting old stories and doing them better. We’ve seen multiple people wear the hood in the past, and Oliver’s been suspected of being the Green Arrow at least three times now, but something about the way these issues are being tackled this season is different. There’s weight to both plots, instead of the problem being fleeting and without consequence. While it’s definitely annoying to see old stories hashed out again, at least both are getting different angles.

“Thanksgiving” kicks off with Oliver getting arrested. Agent Watson says that she has irrefutable proof that he is the Green Arrow, and immediately takes him into custody. Oliver’s no stranger to getting arrested, but it happening in front of his son didn’t sit great with him. Once he and Agent Watson find an interrogation room, he refuses to say a word until he gets to speak to William, and it is at this point that I would like to pause and eat crow. Adding children into a story like this is often where shows jump the shark. It’s typically an annoying plot device meant to cause drama and nothing more, but Arrow seems to have avoided that. There’s no doubt that there will be some drama from William’s end in the future of the series, but the character’s presence has created a lot of poignant emotional moments in season six that were unexpected.

Getting arrested isn’t Oliver’s only problem this week. He and Felicity finally find out what’s been going on with Dig, and Cayden James takes the entirety of Team Arrow for a ride. Dig’s secret gets outed to the rest of OTA after Curtis uses his and Felicity’s experimental drug to try and fix the tremor in his arm and things go sideways. The news leads to more than one fight, but Oliver and Dig’s argument is infinitely more interesting than Felicity and Curtis’. There’s more history there, so the words that fly between the brothers have a lot more weight.

With Dig being out and the team having the knowledge that Cayden has a very large bomb, Oliver puts on the hood again. He tells himself that it’s only temporary, and the poor dummy might actually believe that. But before we get to Oliver’s delusions, let’s talk about Cayden and his recently revealed motives. Apparently, Cayden had a son and Oliver took him away. We’re not yet sure what that means, but whatever it is, it’s worth a lot of trouble on Cayden’s part. This could mean trouble for William in the future, considering the fact that this big bad not only has hired muscle to take on Oliver but also the smarts to rival Felicity.

Though the episode is titled “Thanksgiving”, it doesn’t lean into the theme in ways that other holiday episodes have in the past. That being said, it does end with something significant to be thankful for. After months in a coma, Speedy wakes up in time to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family. In addition to that, Oliver and Diggle both feel confident that they will be able to find a workaround for whatever’s happening to Dig’s body. It works out, since Oliver doesn’t want to be the Green Arrow right now, and Dig really does. But it also results in the first lie from Oliver in a while. Dude goes back to his old ways faster than Quentin Lance goes back to the bottle, and is somehow too stupid to realize that it blows up in his face every time.

We’ll have to wait another week or so for that to explode, though. Why? Well, because next week it’s time to watch our favorite heroes beat the snot out of some Nazis! If you had thoughts on the episode, you know what to do.