Joss Whedon Is Most Definitely Still Making BATGIRL

No, really. It's still happening. Stop looking at me like that.

While we lament (or celebrate, depending on where you fall regarding these types of pictures) the financial demise of Justice League, many fans are searching for anyone they can point their fingers toward and assign blame. There's already been an outcry for a "Director's Cut" from Zack Snyder (which doesn't seem entirely possible, even in concept), while others are hoping that Joss Whedon (who was hired to finish the DCEU tent pole after Snyder left due to a family tragedy) will never helm another entry in the franchise (which may not even exist much further beyond this point). 

Over the long Turkey Day Weekend, a rumor surfaced that the big screen iteration of Batgirl Whedon's developing was now dead thanks to Justice League's poor box office performance. This also came after Whedon was “caught” liking a post on Twitter slamming the movie’s generic, poorly designed villain Steppenwolf (side note: imagine being that childish that you get bent out of shape over this). On the opposite end of the Justice League directing credit, Snyder was spotted promoting a Vero post (second side note: who the fuck uses Vero?) linking back to the petition asking for Warner Bros. to release his cut of JL.

However, EW just confirmed with several sources that Batgirl is still very much on track with Whedon at the helm. So, it seems that while there is mucho drama in the DCEU, Whedon's movie is still very much going to continue chugging forward. Will it get cancelled down the line? Who knows? There isn't even a finalized script or planned release date as of yet, so anything is technically still possible.