PADDINGTON 2 Trailer: Even In Prison, Paddington Is Better Than You

Paddington: back on top for 2018.

Paddington hasn’t even been in London that long, and already he’s got his shit together. He gets along with his family, keeps a rigorous personal hygiene regimen, and capers around town like he owns the damn place. He probably even gets up in the morning at a regular hour. Can you make those claims?

Now, in Paddington 2, The Bear Who Fucks gets a job - and even when he’s wrongfully imprisoned for theft, he still probably contributes more to society than you do. Truly, Paddington can do no wrong. Unlike you.

So, some interesting stuff to take away here. A lot of good-natured fun, of course; a stellar and likely enjoying-themselves cast; and the kind of stylistic flourishes you’d expect from the director of cult series The Mighty Boosh. And of course, some Paddington booty action. Y’know, for the true fans.

More interesting, though, is the fact that this sequel will deal with Paddington getting employed, and getting sent to prison. Given that the (genuinely excellent) first Paddington was explicitly about the immigrant experience, that’s super intriguing. Employment and treatment by the law are two notorious areas of prejudice against immigrants, and it seems likely Paddington 2 will address that in some way.

Paddington 2 is already out in many foreign territories, but releases in North America on January 12. I, for one, can’t wait.