DCTV Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg Fired After Sexual Assault Allegations


Several weeks ago, sexual harassment allegations against DCTV executive producer Andrew Kreisberg came to light. Nineteen men and women came forward to accuse the EP of sexual misconduct, ranging from inappropriate requests of his female staff to unwelcome physical contact. In light of the allegations, many of the stars from the Arrowverse came forward to speak out against such actions, attempting to put the minds of the crews that make these shows possible at ease during the ongoing investigation.

Today that investigation came to a close, resulting in Kreisberg’s firing. This news means a lot for the DCTV universe, and all of it’s good. When these allegations came to the surface, they also helped shed light on Kreisberg's other less-than-appropriate behavior. Rumors of the toxic work environment he created (particularly on The Flash) have been circling for a while. Hopefully this change will be the first in many steps to help heal things over in DCTV’s corners of Vancouver and LA, and both the cast and crew can continue to do what they do best.

Greg Berlanti will be stepping in while the network finds a replacement for Kreisberg. Here’s hoping that while the teams work on improving their work environment, men like Marc Guggenheim will learn from their unfortunate statements and join in to help foster change. The brave people who came forward and the stars who stood behind them have made it clear that behavior like that will no longer be tolerated on their shows and Kreisberg's name is slated to eventually be removed from the credits on all four properties in the future.