Thanks For Six Great Years

Meredith says goodbye.

Tomorrow will be my last day with Birth.Movies.Death.

Over the past six years, I've worked with some of my favorite people on earth: hard-working, kind-hearted people with integrity and character. I've had the privilege of editing some of the best writers I could ever hope to read, and I've met and worked with people who will be among my closest friends for the rest of my life. I’m proud of the years I’ve spent with this brilliant, hilarious, tough-as-nails team, and of the work we’ve done together. And of course I've been blessed with the greatest audience a writer could ask for. The BMD readership has meant the world to me, and I love you guys. I've been very lucky, and I'm so grateful.

But it's time for my next step, and I'm excited to start focusing on my own writing and on the day-to-day running of City Acre Brewing, the brewpub I own in Houston with my husband and best friend. It's scary but exhilarating and I'm ready to take that leap, telling myself the net will appear. I’m happy to say I do so with the support and encouragement of those I’ve worked so closely alongside for years.

I'm also happy to say that I’m leaving BMD in the best possible hands. Not all of you know Jenny Jacobi, who has stepped in to run the show as Senior Director of Content, but she is one of the smartest, most competent and conscientious people I've ever worked with. She's already done tremendous work behind the scenes, and the team will continue to grow and thrive with Jenny at the helm. Among the staff with whom you're already familiar, Evan and Scott and the other excellent writers and editors you’ve grown to love will take on even bigger roles, ensuring that you'll continue to see the same great bylines, the same insights and humor and passion for film and pop culture that have always distinguished this site and the magazine. I'll still read BMD every day, because it will continue to be the best film website out there, run by the smartest and most thoughtful folks on the internet. I know you’ll keep reading, too, for the same reasons.

As for me - I'll be around! My intention here is to write more, not less, so keep your eyes peeled, and I'll see you guys in the funny papers. xoxo