THE FLASH 4.08 Review “Crisis On Earth X Part-3”

There are always men like them.

This post contains spoilers for Crisis on Earth X.

What would you risk to save the people you loved most? Your life? The lives of thousands? What about the lives of every living thing across multiple Earths? At the end of the day, that’s the question that our heroes have to ask themselves in part three of Crisis on Earth X. The team on Earth X has to go on a mission to get home that puts the multiverse at risk of the Reich’s Doomsday weapon while Felicity and Iris put everything on the line to try and get the heroes on Earth Prime out of the pipeline in Star Labs.

Shortly after finding themselves in the concentration camp on Earth X, the unintentional away team meets The Ray, Ray Terrill. Immediately after running into the hero, they find out that he is in the camp for loving the wrong person, taking time to acknowledge that people of different sexualities are still persecuted on this nightmare Earth. The team gets put before a firing squad, but find themselves rescued by one of the best heroes in the Arrowverse: Leonard Snart.

This Leonard’s a touch different than the Lenny we lost in Legends of Tomorrow, and the one we returned to his timeline on The Flash. This one’s been a hero from the start, and he’s the partner of Ray Terrill. Making Leonard gay in any universe is a lovely nod to Wentworth Miller, and it’s wonderful to see him back on the show, no matter how briefly.

Leonard and Ray aren’t the only focus on sexuality in Part-Three. Sara and Alex aren’t just acknowledged with the glances after Ray shares why he’s in the camp, but have a whole heart to heart about both Nyssa and Maggie and Kara and Laurel. Sara’s not going to let the same thing that happened to Laurel happen to Kara, but she’s not going to let Alex go in gun blazing and get herself killed, either. Sara Lance has been one of the strongest members of the Arrowverse for a long time, but the fact that she can remain the leader she is after her father’s doppelganger looks her in the eye and tells her he murdered her for who she was on their Earth is something else.

While part of the team deals with Earth X and all of its various offerings (what’s up, General Winn?), Felicity and Iris have their hands full in Star Labs. The ladies manage to disarm a couple of Nazis, and get an SOS to the Legends, but their luck only lasts so long. Cutting the power makes Evil Ollie and Eobard aware of their presence, and it doesn’t take long for them to find the ladies and get the power back on again. Ray Palmer’s not going to let anyone die on his watch, though!

Ray and Nate arrive just in the nick of time to save Kara and to get the rest of the heroes out of the pipeline. In conjunction with that, The Flash and The Ray have an eventful fight with Red Tornado while the others try to get the portal open so they can make it home. After one hell of a firefight the manual switch gets flipped, but it’s at one hell of a cost. Martin Stein, Firestorm, father and friend, takes several bullets ensuring that his team can return to Earth Prime. But we’ll have to wait until the finale of Crisis on Earth X to find out his fate.