Alex Tse To Resurrect The Hustlin’ Times With A New SUPERFLY

The only game the WATCHMEN screenwriter knows is 'Do or Die'.

Super Fly is a Blaxploitation staple; an oddly sympathetic portrait of a coke dealer (Ron O'Neal) trying to do one more deal before getting out the game for good. We all know how that story goes, but Gordon Parks Jr.'s picture took you down to street level and got you in those Harlem dive bars and tenement apartments, all while Curtis Mayfield's score blared through the speakers.

Now, screenwriter Alex Tse (Watchmen) has been hired by Sony to rev up that custom Cadillac Eldorado for legendary super producer Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon), as they're going to be reviving the character for a modern audience. No real word has leaked regarding Tse's take (if it'll be a period piece as opposed to taking place in modern day), but seeing how O'Neal died in 2004, we shouldn't expect a Richard Roundtree-style cameo in this redux. 

When coupled with the Shaft reboot coming from Tim Story, this could be a fun resurgence of Blax revivals, but these movies were also undeniable products of their time: acting now like wormholes into the past rather than IPs that should be brought into the future. We'll just have to wait and see what Tse comes up with for Super Fly