Full Length Trailer For THOROUGHBREDS Has A Business Proposition For You

These girls are about to get Anton Yelchin in a ton of trouble.

Thoroughbreds killed (if you'll pardon the pun) on opening night at Fantastic Fest, but its marketing has yet to fully convey just what kind of pitch black comedy awaits audiences when they sit down with this tale of murderous rich girls (Olivia Cooke & Anya Taylor-Joy) and the loser (Anton Yelchin) they hire to murder the one's rich stepfather. 

This full trailer comes closer to finding the film's dark humorous heart, but there's still a ton left to discover on the big screen. 

Take a look:

Yeah, that's more like it. Also, its cool to see a movie sold in a way that actually leaves a solid amount of its mystery intact. 

Make sure to catch this one when it hits theaters March 9th, 2018. We're pretty sure you'll be pleased that you did.